A referral is a recommendation you give to someone you care about. We simply can’t express enough how thankful we are for our wonderful & loyal patients and for trusting us with their referrals. Here are a few of the reviews we’ve received over the last little while!

“I feel so grateful to have been able to go to Buena Vista for some time now. It is my monthly “health insurance” and self care. I have never once been disappointed in any of my sessions. The standard started high here and has stayed there through the years. Shelley and the practitioners are professional, knowledgeable and very generous with their hearts, their experience and their community spirt. It is a real gift to have such an excellent support for our health and well being through all that is offered at Buena Vista Massage!! Thank you Shelley and her tremendous team!”

“The team at Buena Vista Massage are knowledgeable and competent. I have had treatments from four different people at various times over the years, due to my schedule, and have never been disappointed. It is not easy being so consistently good!” – Wayne

“I have gone to Shelley for at least 10 years now and my monthly maintenance keeps me in good health. Shelley has helped me through my numerous self inflicted injuries. Her knowledge of the human body mechanics is second to none.”

“I was recovering from a herniated disk in my neck when I first went to see Kirk at Buena Vista Massage. After a thorough consultation, Kirk worked out an hour long treatment concentrating on my neck and shoulders. I hadn’t realized how tight my muscles were until after my third visit when I was doing a shoulder check and I could actually move my neck completely from side to side. I had no idea my movements had been so restricted. I am grateful to Kirk for his expertise, knowledge and professionalism.”

“I first went to see Shelley years ago with severe shoulder limitations and lack of mobility. She fixed it up in two visits and helped me out of a tough situation. Since then I go monthly and she keeps me moving. My many years of contact sports is now catching up to me and Shelley keeps me moving. I call her “The Princess of Pain” because she does real massages that help and not just nice comfortable stuff. I have been with her for years and will keep going for many more.”

“I have been a client at Buena Vista Massage for over 15 years. The team at Buena Vista Massage are very professional, caring, and competent. I would highly recommend them.”

“I have received the best professional care possible for over 15 years at Buena Vista Massage. I would not hesitate to recommend this clinic as they have some of the most qualified RMTs.”

“I have been a regular customer at Buena Vista Massage for approximately 15 years now. My husband, parents and myself have been treated by many of the RMTs working here. I have personally received treatment through pregnancies, multiple injuries, health challenges and times of great stress. I can wholeheartedly recommend this establishment to anyone in need of massage therapy, and have done so multiple times in the past. Thank you Buena Vista Massage for the excellent quality of care that you provide everyday!”

“I’ve been going to Buena Vista Massage for 20 years. I wouldn’t go anywhere else. The entire staff are very friendly, respectful and love what they do. I leave there feeling like a new person every time. Thanks for taking care of myself and my family’s massage needs.”