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10 Additional Benefits of Massage

There’s no question that massages feel wonderful. Beyond the bliss, they’re also incredible for your health, fitness and overall wellbeing. Massage benefits everyone, from athletes to people suffering from high anxiety to even those looking for a nicer complexion. As if you needed any more reason to enjoy a massage, here are 10 fantastic ways a […]

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Let your past make you better, not bitter

We’ve all been hurt or betrayed. We’ve been so angry or bitter towards someone that we’ve thought there is no way we could forgive them! We might have even replayed the event(s) over in our head, validating our feelings, and often intensifying them. Well, there is some bad news regarding this way of thinking. It […]

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Jump-Start your Healthy Eating for 2017!

  If you are like us, you enjoyed the holidays! And by enjoyed, we mean indulged. A second helping here, another glass of wine there! It’s all added up and now we’re feeling a little more sluggish, and not quite our usual, energetic selves. Eating a bit lighter and cleaner should help us get back to […]

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Holiday Presents vs. Holiday Presence

We’ve already been bombarded by Christmas advertisements and countless images that depict “the perfect holiday season”. Beaming faces, sparkling eyes, glistening gifts, and tables full of food have been shown a thousand times. A lot of us bow to the pressure of delivering on this quixotic idea of Christmas. With get-togethers to arrange, menus to […]

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Top 8 Massage Therapy Clinics in the White Rock and Surrey Area (Reviews/ Ratings)

When you do a quick Google search for massage therapy clinics in the White Rock and Surrey area you’ll get a list of a couple hundred clinics and individuals. Finding the best massage therapy clinic largely comes down to preference. Some massage clinics specialize in certain conditions while each individual massage therapist has their own unique […]

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