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The Importance of Knowing CPR

During a cardiac emergency most people feel helpless to act. This is either because they don’t know how to administer CPR or they are afraid of hurting the victim. What most people don’t know is that without CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation), over 90% of people will die! A pretty surprising and scary statistic. CPR training is a standard […]

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The Alexander Technique

Did you know that Buena Vista Massage offers more than massage? Heike Walker works out of our clinic on Tuesdays and Fridays and offers Reflexology treatments as well as The Alexander Technique, which some of you may or may not be familiar with. The Alexander Technique is a method for learning how your mind and body interact, allowing […]

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Essentials for Healthy Travel

Many of us have to travel for work. And with Spring Break just around the corner, some will be lucky enough to be planning a family vacation! Microorganisms love airplanes. Add to that, a jet-lagged immune system and the fact that vacations are a time to let loose, enjoy yourself and do some things that […]

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Energy Ball Recipe

Energy Balls 4 -5 ounces cashews large handful of pumpkin seeds 1 tbsp chia seeds 3 – 5 ounces dates 1 tbsp honey 2 tsp almond butter 3 tsp ground cinnamon   Place the cashews, pumpkin seeds and chia seeds into a food processor and blend for 30 seconds until the nuts and seeds are […]

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7 Tips to Start Your Day off on the Right Foot!

How do you start your day? Do you pop out of bed and feel ready to take on whatever life has to throw at you? Or do you tend to hit snooze 8 times before rolling out of bed? You may be surprised to know that what you do in the morning actually contributes greatly […]

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