How do you start your day? Do you pop out of bed and feel ready to take on whatever life has to throw at you? Or do you tend to hit snooze 8 times before rolling out of bed? You may be surprised to know that what you do in the morning actually contributes greatly to the overall tone and outcome of your day. There is something psychologically powerful about beginning your day in a way that says you’ve got this!

We’re sharing 7 tips to help you get on track with the logistics of starting the day off on the right foot. We’ve also included some positive ways you can trick your mind to get on track and stay there until its time for bed again.

Set Your Alarm 15 Minutes EarlierScreen Shot 2017-01-26 at 12.20.22 PM

This is a great way to slowly wake up and avoid that rushed feeling first thing. While you’re lying there, decide what you’re going to wear, what the plan is for breakfast etc. These few minutes in bed, before anyone else is up, can set the tone for a calmer, more organized and enjoyable day.

 Make Your Bed!

OK, we’re not trying to be motherly. There have been studies that suggest that making your bed in the morning sets you up for success throughout the day. The simple task of leaving your bedroom in a presentable condition reinforces to your highly impressionable, half-asleep brain that order and calmness abound. The calmer you are, the less stress that is present. The less stress you have, the better mood you will be in. And the better mood you’re in usually equates to more productivity and an overall feeling of contentedness.

Drink your aqua

While you’re sleeping, your cells have been without water for several hours, so reintroducing water before any other substance (yes, that includes coffee) is key to prepping your GI tract (your mouth, esophagus, stomach, small and large intestine etc.) to work efficiently throughout the day. It’s an easy way to rehydrate your body. Plus, if you sip water throughout the morning, you may end up consuming two of your eight recommended glasses for the day. So why not set the tone for great hydration first thing.

 Plan your day

Try this; write a list of the three things you’d like to accomplish in the day. This can go a long way in terms of helping you move calmly through the day. Putting it on paper or in your phone takes away the stress of remembering and can serve as a helpful reminder of your goals. Even if it’s “make lunch and pick up dry cleaning,” a few small tasks to keep you on track will make for better time management throughout the day. And remember to prioritize the big things to make the rest of the day run even more smoothly.

 Play music you love

Regardless of your morning plans, a soundtrack of uplifting, energizing tunes will help prime your mind for positivity all day long. Pick whatever makes you happy and use it to get through your must-do’s before you leave the house. Playing some great tunes can also help to make a long commute less stressful.

 Move your BodyScreen Shot 2017-01-26 at 12.22.38 PM

Want to feel better mid-afternoon? Make time in the morning to get your body in motion. Whether its gentle stretching, walking the dog, going to yoga, starting your day with movement revs your metabolism and stokes your energy for the day. Plus, you’re more likely to make better food choices if you’ve done something positive for your body earlier in the day. You’ll get that great workout in (it’s harder to make excuses first thing) and you’ll reap the benefits for hours afterwards. It’s a win all around.

 Give a hug/kiss to the people you love in your house

Before you leave for the day, connect with the ones you love. This helps soothe stress and provide a positive start to your day and theirs. It also helps you focus on what really matters. And then head out and make this a great day for your self!