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Balance Arts Studio

Balance Arts Studio offers Alexander Technique, Reflexology and Bach Remedies. These natural modalities help you to reduce stress, relieve pain and promote health and well-being! Heike Walker is a European trained practitioner. She is committed to assisting you in improving your health and finding more balance in your life!

About Reflexology:

  • Promotes self-healing power in the body
  • Helps to reduce stress, relieve pain and boost the immune system
  • Assists in finding better health & vitality
Patients benefit from Reflexology for a variety of conditions such as headaches, sleeping problems, digestive troubles, menopausal complaints, fatigue & low energy, edema, arthritis, osteoporosis and more.

About Alexander Technique:

  • Teaches you to change habitual posture and movement
  • Helps to reduce muscle tension and release back & neck pain
  • Learning to move with more ease and balance in the body
Clients learn to use the body more efficiently in any daily activities. Alexander Technique can be applied to sitting, standing, walking, working at the computer, using a mobile device, running, cleaning, playing an instrument – or any other activity!

About Bach Flower Remedies:

  • Complete system of 38 natural flower remedies from the UK
  • Addresses mental and emotional conditions and imbalances
  • Helps to gently restore emotional balance and well-being
The Bach Flower Remedies are safe and can be used in conjunction with any other therapy. They are helpful in times of stress, high demands and difficulties to restore balance before physical symptoms appear and/or to support healing processes.


  • Session (55 min) $ 70 | Package of 6 Sessions $ 390
  • Session (30 min) $ 45 | Package of 6 Sessions $ 255